Top Toys for Christmas 2018 – Hottest Toys For Christmas 2018

Top toys for Christmas 2017 are here! Check out the best Christmas toys 2018 for boys and girls. Read our top toy reviews to find out which toys are hottest for Christmas 2017

top toys for christmas 2017

In this article, I would like to share the useful information about some tops toys for Christmas 2018 which are now available and attracting the attention of people all around the world. Searching and buying the right & worthwhile Christmas gift is never easy, particularly when buyers have a very huge list of the people they want to purchase Christmas gifts for.

Beside this, each person’s needs, hobbies and interests are different & as Christmas approaches, at times it feels that there is not sufficient time to always get it right.  In order to help the readers, I have complied a list of Christmas gift guides along with useful suggestions for them.

Whether readers are searching for that something special for their dearest and nearest or even an inexpensive novelty gag mainly for their ingenuous boss at workplace, there must be something worthwhile in the below given section.

Top Toys for Christmas 2018

1.Nintendo Switch

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With its HD definition and bright display, Nintendo switch gives the wide-ranging experience of gaming at home & beyond. Console’s battery offers quality time of mobile play & charges with built-in AC adapter & with well-matched USB charging devices. In short, it is a great hybrid system, which hazes the line among mobile play and console gaming. With its remarkable modular design & adjustable joy-con switches, Nintendo switch can easily be played with friends and family in the complete comfort zone of living room.

2.Sphero BB-9E Droid Trainer

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BB-93 droid trainer by Sphero is basically an evil twin of BB-8 with the comparable cricket ball-sized proportions however, an even R5-style removable magnetic head which remains upright as kids roll along. As compare to its forerunner, BB-93 by Sphero body can supply power wirelessly to kid’s head so he/she eye will light up. It is great that Sphero is getting back directly to its scholastic roots by conforming that droids by Star War are always compatible when it comes to programming applications.

3.Droid Inventor Kit by Star Wars

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Concerning top Christmas gifts for kids 2017, another awesome gift is Droid inventor kit by star wars. This cool kit features everything, which kids need for building their individual Droid with an application that contains guidelines & how to do videos. Moreover, stickers & seventeen superior star wars in application missions are included as well. Few of the great Droid inventor features are draw mode, self-navigation and force drive.

4.WowWee Interactive Baby Monkey

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It is considered as the coolest gift for kids this Christmas. Fingerlings are charming baby monkeys which are interested about the whole world all around them starting with kids. These interactive baby monkeys are always ready to hang onto kid’s finger while blinking their eyes, blowing kisses, turning their heads, talking in monkey sound & swinging by their tracks. This toy is available in different colors ranging from turquoise, blue, and purple, pink, black and white.

5.Fisher Price

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Now parents can get their kids moving & learning with an awesome and cute robot. This cute gift motivates kids to get their bodies and minds moving while learning them the different ways of following directions & thinking logically about the whole world around them with mobility of 360 degree. Kids can switch between six games and three thrilling modes for keeping themselves entertained and engaged as they develop and grow. Overall, it is a great Christmas gift for kids due to its features.

6.Teddy Ruxpin

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After much expectation, the brand new Teddy Ruxpin is eventually available for buying. If parents are willing to get their hands on updated edition, they had better act quickly. It is a 14’ animated cooperating storytelling friend teddy bear, which is designed for kids of age 2 & older. In spite of telling almost three stories, it also sings awesomely seven songs in order to entertain kids. Teddy’s sound effects, emotions, voice acting and music colorfully bring the songs and stories to life.

7.FurReal Friends Torch

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Now kids can go on different supernatural adventures with their loving FurReal Friends torch. This lively little person is simply learning the different actions of dragon trade thus, he does not truly breathe flame however, and he does blow flame colored haze. This gorgeous baby dragon breathes his colorful haze whenever kids touch his magic while petting his nose. Furreal friend’s torch holds a special position regarding top Christmas gifts for kids 2017.

8.Osmo Genius Kit

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Majority of the kids always spend huge amount of their time playing on iPad however, how much kids spent that time on different collaborative activities, which encourage creativity and learning. Osmo genius kit is iPad add-on, which features camera attachment, stand & some exclusively, designed games for kids. This kit targets to break down a digital blockade with physical world & teach kids in an entertaining manner.

9.Hatchimals Nursery Playset

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It offers a new and magical place for kids to play. Kids can enter a Hatchery nursery a charmed forest where they can hatch while caring for their colleggtibles. It is an especially designed playset for kids of age 5 & above. Therefore, if parents are looking for the top Christmas gifts for kids 2017, then I must say that do consider Hatchimals Nursery Playset in order to surprise the kids this Christmas.

10.Wonder Workshop Robot

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Established in Year 2012, the famous Wonder Workshop always design toy robots namely Dash & Dot which kids are capable of controlling with different programs they design using various wonder workshop applications. Dash is viewed as a truthful explorer in kid’s created world.

11. Paw Patrol My Size Towe

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It is worth mentioning that Paw Patrol is simply bound to be the highly recommended when it comes to the list of top toys for Christmas 2017. This toy is approximately 75 centimeter tall, too much better and recommended than the high-priced small lookout tower playsets. Thus, it is an ideal height for kids & looks like my size tower has many other different features like there is working lift, sounds, lights & even the pup pack space for storage.

12.Collectibles Hatchimal Nursery

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Another highly recommended toy is collectibles Hatchimal nursery. This toy is consider best place for people to care & hatch their colleggtibles. In this toy, there are thirty-five different place for displaying different colleggtibles along with swings, spinning cribs, shower and slide.  If people place their colleggtible into the middle of tree then, it will easily pop out its top as well as its shell broken all-set to player’s hatch. This toy is available from Tesco, Toys R Us, Argos and The Entertainer.

13.Leapfrog Ice Cream Cart

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This Christmas toy is quite adorable while being used for educational purpose. Leapfrog ice cream cart is especially designed to assist kids learn a lot about counting along with problem solving, matching skills and colors. Kids insert activity cards into this cart, which simply tells them who needs serving next & what they will like. Afterwards, kids get the different orders ready for their customers by using ice-cream scoop & loading up ice cream directly on top of the each other.


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This toy has been around for years but still proving famous. Fingerlings are mostly sold out on different websites that clearly proves how famous they are among kids. Basically, fingerlings are communicating pets which fit tightly to kid’s finger & respond to his voice and touch. Moreover, there are almost fifty animations to explore.

15.O.L Surprise

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How can I forget L.O.L surprise while mentioning the list of top toys for Christmas 2017, the definitive unboxing experience? It permits players to explore fifty layers of the surprise directly inside with special accessories and characters. It is thirty-two centimeter tall & has fifty surprises hidden inside under three layers.

16.Metal Detector by National Geographic

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This remarkable metal detector features three detecting modes along with four sensitivity levels & locate mode for enabling players to differentiate among treasures from waste. It is quite portable, as it only weighs 2.3 pounds. Beside this, metal detector is collapsible to twenty –two” & features 10 inches water proof detection coil. Metal detector gives a chance to learn a lot about different metal detectors like how they work. It comes with two years money back guarantee.


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It is suggested that do consider Luvabella, an interactive and cute doll that always brings imagination and creativeness to life via natural movements & reactions of the real life kid while buying top toys for Christmas 2017. Children can play, burp, feed & calm her. Moreover, the more kids interact with this toy the more concepts of vocabulary they can learn mainly expanding to about 100+ phrases and words. This eye-catching Christmas toys comes with huge range of the playful add-ons & interchangeable clothing.

18.Speak out: Parents Vs. Kids

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Coming back for another year & powered with even new competition is a way out representative game namely speaks out. It is vital to mention that in this latest version of the game i.e. Parents vs. Kids, so get the whole family members gathered around in order to have the go mainly at putting in the hilarious mouthpiece & repeating phrases whereas other team members try to guess that what players are trying hard to say.

19.Teach and Tag Movi

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Another awesome toy on the list of top toys for Christmas 2017 is tech and tag Movi. It is an interactive and interesting play partner, which aids kids to think & learn systematically on the go. Furthermore, enjoy a lot asking him different questions while playing one of the six games & learning to imitate his smooth and awesome dance moves.

20.Lego Boost

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Explore the interactive and world of the Lego boost, the newest tech toy kids cannot get plenty of it. In this game, kids are able to build five distinct and unique Lego models, which can afterwards, be simply brought to the life with the help of coding using the free application.


In the end, I would like to say that countdown to the Christmas has now begun. With the above-mentioned list of the top toys for Christmas 2018, people are able to get the best one for their loved ones in order to surprise them. The above given list of the Christmas presents will give people different unique ideas regarding what to buy for their kids along with different interesting gifts for their friends and relatives.

The best things about the list is simply that it go beyond seasons & makes for an ideal presents ideas list for different occasions. Thus, it is suggested to consider this list while buying the Christmas gifts.